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Mobily Packages List

Hi dears, in this article we will discuss about mobily internet packages detail and also we will discuss about the price of these internet packages. And something more about mobily we will discuss here how to activate these packages on mobile. All those users who use internet I think this network is best choice for internet users. So use this network for best internet packages and best internet packages rates.

Mobily Packages List

mobily packages price list
mobily packages price list

Mobily is best telecommunication network in Saudi Arabia as we compare with all over the world. This network always preference for his customers. They launched and introduced new internet packages user friendly. Its means that with cheap rates high rate of internet bundle. Mobily Prepaid .This company also remember user and provides best internet packages with best results. All users of this network mostly used internet on this network. Let’s come and see mobile effect is price Leicester


Mobily packagse Price

From here you can see what is the price rates of mobile internet packages. This network provides internet with cheap rates. And gives better internet bundles.

All users of this network can use internet with lowest rates. And you can enjoy internet on this network easily. How you can check internet packages rates for this purpose you need to visit packages price list and see all internet packages price list for this network users. And these packages price list is only user friendly.

Mobily Detail

After this I tell you something awesome information about this network. This network is is a telecommunication network in the country means in Saudi Arabia. And all users can enjoy these networks easily with superb result so you can activate any one of the best Internet package on your mobile with cheap rates and easily. And you will enjoy to use these Postpaid internet packages on your mobile on your device

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Ufone Internet Packages 3G/4G

Ufone has started its operation in 2006. After 2006 Ufone is to providing the best service for its customers. We look Ufone 3G net packages in 2016. Ufone introduced its 4G internet service at the start of 2019. Now Ufone has coverage its 4G service in most cities of Pakistan.

I hope that Ufone will provide its 4G in all cities of Pakistan. Ufone internet packages are not huge and heavy for its users as compared to other telecom companies. Ufone is the best telecom company, Which is providing the best service in around Pakistan.

Today’s article we will be talking about This Ufone telecom company internet packages, That how we can subscribe to these packages and use these on our sim. You know that Ufone is customizing its internet packages in Weekly, daily and monthly bundles. Every Ufone customers are subscribing to its 3G/4G packages according to its needs. Ufone is a telecom company that knows its Customer’s demand, that its users want to do. Therefore many Pakistani peoples are using it.

Ufone 3G Internet Packages

Ufone has been customized its Ufone 3G internet packages in Daily, weekly and monthly. These packages are not expensive also not cheap, That’s mean these are available at a normal rate. Ufone 3G internet packages are the best net packages for every user of Ufone. Ufone has been coverages its 3G in all cities of Pakistan. Therefore more users of 3g than 4G of Ufone.

Ufone 4G Internet Packages

Ufone 4G internet packages further price and its subscription code will be explained here. You can check further details of Ufone 4G internet packages by this article. Ufone coverage its 4G internet service in 2019, Now 4G is available in big cities of Pakistan.

Click on Ufone Internet Packages to check about net packages of Ufone. You can also learn about Its net packages on, My Ufone App,  It the Official android application of the Ufone network.

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Gay chat avenue detail and features.

Chat Avenue provides different types of chat rooms on its website. These chat rooms are, Chat Avenue , boys chat room, lesbians chat rooms and Gay chat etc.

Every chat room has its own requirements for a visitor. It also has its own features. Gay chat room type is adult. It provides microphone and webcam facility to its users. But the requirments for Gay chat is, visitor must be over 18 years old.

Gay chat rooms connects same gender loving persons to eachothers. It is friendly, the same environment and provides security to personal information of gays. Gay chat room store its user’s IP addresses so that, any fake user cn not access to this. To enjoy gay chat room you must have to register yourself first.

There are many features of this chat room.

First it requires email and password for registration. Once you register then you just need to log into your account.

It also provides a feature of guest users. When you use gay chat as guest you can make survey about it’s work and uses. Gay chat room has beautiful theme which attracts user to visit.

Visitors can send wispers in the gay chat room.

You can also add another person of the same gender from outside. Once you add a person it will be visible in your friend list, so that you can also chat later. In other words we can also say that Gay chat room is a forum where LGBT community does not lose its respect for being different from common people. You can also send Photos Chat Avenue

In Gay chat rooms you can only registered through your valid email. Personal phone number and messaging ID is prohibited, because you can not use these things publicly due to rules and regulations.

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BOI internet banking login Method

If you do not know the login process or method then don’t be worried. You are at right place and we will tell you, how you can login himself in BOI internet banking by following way. You can use for this purpose your mobile/PC/Laptop browser or any other search engine that you use for your searching process. You can login himself in BOI login on your mobile. Just you follow some steps that will be described here for your help. There are following steps for it that are given below

  1.   Open Google play store or apple app store
  2.   Download and install it
  3.   Click on BOI icon that will appear on your mobile screen
  4.   Start your BOI net banking registration step by step
  5.   Post Successful registration and login
  6.   Login himself by Mobile number and user ID

In Case, if you put correct information then you will be login there and congratulations.

In Case, if you want to login himself on its original website on PC/Laptop. You can use for this purpose your PC/Laptop browser or any other search engine that you use for your searching process. There are some important points for it that you follow are given below.

  1.   Open your browser
  2.   Wrote or paste BOI internet banking link in search box
  3.   Press enter
  4.   At top there will be show “” given link
  5.   Click on link, BOI internet banking front page will be open front of you
  6.   Do complete registration process using your mobile number and user ID.
  7.   Congratulations you are login in BOI. 

I hope you like this article about net bank of india. But if you face any issue then simply tell us and will try to solve your question or problems. Thank you very much.

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Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G Offers 2020

Zong is the best internet service in this modern technology. This is famous for its highest speed, therefore many peoples are buying its sim to use the internet with fast speed. You can also use 4G internet speed if you are mobile is 4G supported. If you have 4G supported android mobile, Then put Zong 4G sim to enjoy the fast speed of Zong.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong Daily Internet Packages

The Zong daily internet packages is favorite packages of daily internet users of Zong. Short time internet users of Zong are activating daily net packages on their Zong sim. Zong daily net packages are the best internet packages to do any important work, To download any important file for 24 hours.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong internet packages weekly validity for 1-week that’s mean 7 days. In this weekly offer, Zong will provide you the internet for 7 days. If you want to use the internet for 1 week, Then subscribe to any weekly packages to use the internet on Zong.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

If you want to use the internet for 1 month with fast browsing and video calling & audio calling using the Zong app. Then monthly net packages are best to use the internet for 30 days with downloading. If you are an online worker and want to use the internet for a month with the best volume. Then you need to subscribe to any Zong monthly net package and enjoy it. Mostly users of Zong user’s best choice from Zong internet packages are weekly offers.

Terms and Condition Of All Net Packages

  • Open your keypad and dial *102# and click on green call button for check your balance
  • Rs. 4 Rupees + tax will be extra charges if you have used your MBS
  • You cannot subscribe to two internet packages at the same time on Zong

Zong internet packages 4G

The more fast internet packages of Zong are 4G. Check your sim, If you are sim is 4G supported then you can use 4G net very easily on your 4G Device and any android mobile supported. After completing 4G rules, Now need to subscribe to any 4G internet package.

Install My Zong App to check the info Of Zong Internet packages.

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How To Check Iqama Expiry 2020

In The state of Saudi Arabia When ever you are comes form the other country and want to start any business or any thing. Then you have to Firstly get Permission form the official or Government which is also means to get the iqama or seems documents which is used for the permission for getting work or get work permit.

This Work Permit shows the Permission about starting any business or work in the Saudi Arabia. So here you will get the whole info about the Iqama and other main services which is Shows the basic using concept and other details.

Iqama Expiry date checking service is one of them which used for the viewing details and exploring status about this one. Here You will get the Whole Method which is based on the info checking services and info viewing status about the Iqama.

When Ever you are learn about the iqama status this Whole article will give you the whole details about this iqama status because the given web site and whole website articles are about to the iqama and its all the features so, here you can check the services and details.

Please go to the given link and check the iqama expiry and iqama details with the given fully introduces steps and methods of checking iqama expiry date.

For more basic and common status about these all the status you can check form the article. Where the start the article form the introduction of iqama and its features then the other steps start for the example then the steps are explained about the iqama status checking and at the end the website are mentioned where you can check the iqama expiry date. So here you can check more about the iqama expiry date.

How To Check With Absher App?

Check Iqama Expiry

Download Absher app and click to install and open it. When you open it the login and new user option come in your front. Simply click on the new user option. The forum open in your front. Put the all required information in the forum and click to create account.

The account will be created after the verification. Verify account with number and then login your account. When you login it then the dashboard option open. now go to iqama option and check the details with iqama number